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Re: request

On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 12:31:54PM +0100, Sergio Brandano wrote:
>   (Incidentally, messages like those of Branden Robinson are false,
>   are certainly not beneficial, and trigger a stiff communication;
>   but this ultimately reflects on him.)

I don't see why he's wrong. Of the things you've complained about 
archives, there are none that your messages would make more than
the smallest dent in. You're trying to impose a burden on Debian
for purely theorical reasons, which isn't a very friendly thing
to do. 
>   By law, there must be a legal agreement between the author and the
>   publisher. If no such explicit agreement exists, then the author is
>   still the owner of the copy-rights, and can decide what to do with
>   that material, at any time.

Not quite. The author can not stop the sale (at whatever price) of
existing copies of the work, nor can he stop fair-use copies, or
force people to distroy existing legal copies. 
>   By posting to a mailing list, the author is exerting his right to
>   publish, and he/she is the publisher in that very moment. 

One email goes into the Debian mail server, and a thousand come
out. I'd say Debian is the publisher.

>   No legal agreement exists between me and Debian.

No explicit agreement. There is the argument that there is an implicit

>   Please also make explicit the policy with Debian mailing lists, and
>   ensure that its subscribers are notified and agree with it.

You're the only person I know of who cares. The archives at 
lists.debian.org are sufficent hint to most people that their
email will be archived - seeing a note at the bottom of that
page saying your email will be archived would get a "well, duh!"
response from me. (Which isn't to say it shouldn't be done.) I 
don't think we care whether the subscribers agree with; it is the
way the developers like it, and if you don't want your posts 
archived, don't post. 

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
Pointless website: http://dvdeug.dhis.org
"I don't care if Bill personally has my name and reads my email and 
laughs at me. In fact, I'd be rather honored." - Joseph_Greg

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