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Re: Stats for translating web pages

peter karlsson wrote:
> Martin Schulze:
> > Joy has asked me to move the script and output to klecker, so
> > from now on, http://people.debian.org/~joey/webwml/ will be updated
> > daily and contain information about that status of translations
> > of the pages beneath www.debian.org for all supported languages.
> Great!
> Could you please update it to check the translation-check headers, so
> that we can also see which pages are current translations, and which
> are outdated?

Dunno why, but that's done now.

> And perhaps add in so that we can see which English pages are missing
> for translation (for example, there is a page in international/Swedish
> which I have no intention of translating into English since it is just
> a dictionary)?

That's not done.  Also not done, the program doesn't yet honor
custom major/minor settings and original.  I feel this is acceptable
for this listing.



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