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Re: I did commit a new and pretty different version of check_trans.pl

Well, I thougth "our" was a word of perl 5.6, which I use. Sorry for the
annoyance, but I had to choose between using strict, which is a good thing
when doing some larger scripts or using getopts.

from the documentation of getopts::std
| Note that, if your code is running under the recommended C<use strict
| 'vars'> pragma, you will need to declare these package variables
| with "our":
|    our($opt_foo, $opt_bar);

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 04:49:35AM +0100, peter karlsson wrote:
> Martin Quinson:
> > I just commited a new version of webwml/check_trans.pl .
> Oh, thanks, you broke it. Now I get this when I try to run it:
> Use of reserved word "our" is deprecated at ./check_trans.pl line 75.
> Global symbol "$opt_d" requires explicit package name at ./check_trans.pl line 75.
> BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ./check_trans.pl line 145.
> Please check your changes before committing changes. I rely on this
> script.

did you read my mail 'till the end ? I run this script on a daily basis...
> I'm reverting to the previous CVS revision for the time being.

Could you say me which version of perl you use ? With this info, I think I
could make a version which work for our both system.

Really sorry for the annoyance. 

Bye, Mt.

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