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Bug#80234: www.debian.org: Cannot see debian.org, probably because of rejected ident requests (firewall)

Package: www.debian.org
Version: 20001221
Severity: critical


I cannot see www.debian.org (nor www.*.debian.org) from www.j-meg.com (

I had, one week ago, installed a firewall that blocked (REJECT) requests to the port 113 of www.j-meg.com.  This is something I shouldn't have done, it seems, because now www.debian.org's firewall seems to stop all my http requests!  So, I opened back my ident (113) port; but it seems to be too late.  www.debian.org now rejects all my packets, including "ping" requests!

Please fix this.


Etienne M. Gagnon
Etienne M. Gagnon, M.Sc.                     e-mail: egagnon@j-meg.com
Author of SableCC:                             http://www.sablecc.org/
and SableVM:                                   http://www.sablevm.org/

-- System Information
Debian Release: woody
Kernel Version: Linux www 2.2.17 #1 Thu Dec 21 13:40:02 EST 2000 i586 unknown

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