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Re: Problem with wml in intl/l10n (Was: urlchecker pages updated)

On Wed, Dec 20, 2000 at 01:13:00PM -0500, James A. Treacy wrote:
> > Well. What about the following ? 
> > install::
> > 	 install -p -m664 l10n-lang-*.$(LANGUAGE).html $(HTMLDIR)
> > 
> Here is what I've added to the bottom of the Makefile:
> # The following is not really correct, but it should work well enough.
> # The problem is that we don't know in advance what files will exist (the
> # list of variants is buried in the db), so we can't set up an explicit
> # dependency chain for the files. Instead we simply force the installation
> # (with every invocation) of all files with the correct form.
> # Feel free to fix this if you know how
> install:: FORCE
>         install -p -m664 $(wildcard l10n-lang-??.$(LANGUAGE).html) $(HTMLDIR)

Wouldn't something like this work?

foofiles := $(wildcard l10n-lang-??.$(LANGUAGE).html)
foofilesdest := $(patsubst %,$(HTMLDIR)/%,$(foofiles))

$(foofilesdest): $(foofiles)
	install -p -m664 $< $(HTMLDIR)

install:: $(foofilesdest)

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