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Re: files in international/l10n take too long to process

On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 12:06:34PM +0200, Denis Barbier wrote:
> > BTW why not fix individual documents containing container tags and include
> > wml::sys::compat1 in them? Perhaps with some kind of conditional, so that we
> > don't have to make the bogus directory with a bogus file in it.
> I am much more lazy than you :-)

Here's the list, BTW:

% find . -type f ! -name '*.html*' | xargs grep -l \<define-container

That's not that many, esp. if you use a script to edit them :)

> But indeed it is possible not to add this bogus sys/compat1.wml, e.g. by
> adding these 2 lines on top of each file using define-container:
>    $(WML1_IGNORE:*#)  $(WML1_IGNORE=#use)
>    $(WML1_IGNORE:-#) wml::sys::compat1
> WML 1.7.4 silently ignores them, and WML 2.0.2 includes wml::sys::compat
> which is included in this version. I do not know if it works with
> WML<1.7.4, but i believe it does.

Version 1.6.8 ignores it just as well, I just tried it on slink.

> A better solution is to check whether define-container is defined,
> but i did not yet have a working version.

You mean, check in each file if <define-container> is used, and if yes use
'-i wml::sys::compat1'? Considering how little files we have using it, I'd
say let's modify files.

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