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Re: wml error

Anthony Fok wrote:
> Are you using WML 1.7.4 or 2.0.x?  Debian's webwml is still for WML 1.7.4.
> Yes, as Denis Barbier noted, it is only 5 lines or so of modification to
> switch over, but when that happens is up to the Webmasters, as the WML on
> va.debian.org (where the pages are built) needs to be updated too.

I've got 2.0.x installed.  Drat.

> BTW, the error you noted below is probably due to the bugfix re: ISO date
> format.  It was using something like DD-MM-YYYY instead of YYYY-MM-DD.

Sounds reasonable.

So now I have 2 choices. 1) Try to find the correct version of wml (I
guess I can install the one from potato on my woody machine).  2) Just
up load my changes and cross my fingers.

I'll try downgrading, but if that doesn't work, I might just trust
luck.  I have some changes that I've been trying to get in for over a


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