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Re: order on events page

On Sat, Jul 31, 1999 at 11:00:26PM -0400, blackie@sfcc.net wrote:
> I've got a better idea: I'll let you decide.  As of now you've got one
> command available to you.
> get_event_list ('1999', '0', '$(ENGLISHDIR)/events' )
> (I assume ENGLISHDIR would change depending on your particular language.)
No. The path to the English events directory is needed because
the list of events is compiled from that directory. Information
is grabbed from a translation, if it exists, and from the English
version otherwise.

This is done so that the translations won't be missing events that
haven't been translated into that language. The rationale being it
is better to have something displayed in another language than to
be missing the information altogether.

BTW, news is handled similarly.

Jay Treacy

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