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The Debian Chinese Web pages infrastructure is ready.

Hello Jay!

I finally tweaked the Makefiles (and languages.wml... sorry,
I tweaked the stuff below the "Do not modify the following stuff" line
so that it will point to .zh-cn.html and .zh-tw.html instead of
.zh.html.  Seems to work, I hope.  Also, I am using two charset
conversion programs in webwml/chinese/bin.  I hope it works properly.

If everything works fine, Debian Chinese web page is ready for debut!  :-)
Mind you, only the front page is fully translated, but that's a start.  :-)



Anthony Fok Tung-Ling                Civil and Environmental Engineering
foka@ualberta.ca, foka@debian.org    University of Alberta, Canada
anthony_fok@catholic.org             Keep smiling!  *^_^*
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