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Re: self-aware security urls

On Wed, Feb 17, 1999 at 10:42:27PM -0500, Michael Stone wrote:
> Any more thoughts on making the security urls track updates in the ftp site?
> I'm looking at a lot of stuff that needs to be updated right now, and I'd
> prefer to just update once to a "Right Way" than to make a short-term patch.
> (Unless the Right Way looks like it might be delayed. :) I'm thinking about
> making this a priority this weekend. What I have in mind is to pull down the
> Packages from a predefined list of locations (dists/stable, proposed-updates,
> etc.) and find the best match. If there's something horribly wrong with this
> plan, I'm open to suggestion. Once this is done, it should be possible to post
> the url as soon as the upload is announced, with assurance that the package
> will be tracked as it moves around or is updated further. 
I'm still leaning toward simply having the security pages link the relevant
page in the Packages section of the web site and deal with linking packages
in proposed-updates directory there. Only security updates are supposed to make
it into that directory so there should be no problem using packages from

The only problem with the Package section of the web site is it is still
i386 specific. :(

BTW, Michael, you haven't gotten back to me with any other common phrases that
may be used in the security pages that should have translations. Does that
mean you are happy with the list I posted?

Jay Treacy

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