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Re: sponsor page

On 04-Feb-99 Joey Hess wrote:
> Joey Hess wrote:
>> I've looked around the site and they are already in as a CD Vendor. But do
>> we have any other page we use to thank people about helping debian? And if
>> not shouldn't we? It seems reasonable to give Novare, Va Research, etc, some
>> credit for their support. We do have the little "visit the site sponsor"
>> link, but that's it.
> Ah, I just found http://www.debian.org/donations. Looks like the right
> place. Could we add something at the bottom like:
> The following is a list of the organizations that have made other donations
> to Debian:
> * LinuxCentral has supported Debian at events including Atlanta
>   Linux Showcase and LinuxWorld Expo.

Done -- something like that ok?  I'd like to get the partners program finished
and then we might be able to offer something like that to them..

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