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should developer pages be translated?

Since development work for Debian is done in english, should we bother
translating the pages intended only for developers? It is not clear to
me that the translations would have much value.

For example maintainer_contacts list a number of positions and contact
addresses. What is the point in translating such a page since chance
are the only common language between two random parties interested in 
communicating will be english.

If people feel it is worth it, then I will do what I can to make keeping
such pages up to date as easy as possible. In the case of the maintainer_contacts
it can easily be converted to use something like the vendors page uses
where the parts that need translation are seperated from the rest of the

Of course, I am all for translating all web pages and documentation
intended for users. How else are we going to achieve world domination?

Jay Treacy

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