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Y2K statement?

G'day All,
  I'm getting together a web page that will make a Debian Y2K Non-statement.
I think we need to say something, and my idea was that we have a small
summary table and a bunch of links going off to the site that says yes
or no.

It looks something like:

  [Debian Logo] Debian GNU/Linux
  Home About Debian News Distribution Support Development Search 

  Debian is a collection of program packages that come from a variety of
  sources. As a result, it is difficult to give an overall statement   
  about the Year 2000 bug. However as a service to our users, we have   
  gathered a collection of links of statements from the upstream   
  authors, listed below.   
  Remember that sometimes dates are manipulated by libraries so you need   
  to check them too. You can find out what packages a package depends on
  by typing dpkg -s <PACKAGE>   
  [Note: If you know of any other links, send mail to   

  Package  State URL
  libtiff3 NO     http://www-th.phys.rug.nl/~schut/gnulist.html
  tk8.0    OK     http://www.scriptics.com/Y2K.html

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