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bad URLs on the security pages

Here is a list of the bad urls found in the security pages by the
urlchecker. It would be a good idea to avoid using urls in the
future that may go bad. Well all URLs can go bad, but some are a
lot more stable than others.

Looking into http://localhost/security/1997/19970417                                                 
  http://localhost/security/1997/sperlexp.tgz : error 404 Not Found
Looking into http://localhost/security/1997/19970416
  http://www.vex.net/php/ : error 404 Not Found
Looking into http://localhost/security/1997/19970407
  http://fatale.res.cmu.edu/ : error
500 Can't connect to fatale.res.cmu.edu:80 (Bad hostname 'fatale.res.cmu.edu')
Looking into http://localhost/security/1997/19970302
  http://ds.internic.net/rfc/rfcXXXX.txt : error
500 Can't connect to ds.internic.net:80 (Connection timed out)

Although the last one looks temporary, I doubt that rfc XXXX

Jay Treacy

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