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Re: layout of web pages

--On Mon, Oct 12, 1998 2:47 am -0300 "Nicolás Lichtmaier"
<nick@feedback.net.ar> wrote:

>>> There's absolutelly no reason for doing so. You aren't
>>> following the stamdard more closely with that.
>> Oh yes, there is a reason. Using omittags to the fullest extent,
>> one may indeed get rid of a lot of markup, but then as a human, I get
>> confused (unless I happen to be very familair with the DTD). I, too,
>> tend not to omit tags at all (after all, that is not a hardship for
>> me, since I have an intelligent editor). It also makes the
>> indentation prettier (and easier to scan) that way, for humans.
>  But that is completelly subjective (is that an English word?). I
> find it nicer to have as little markup as posible (while still having a
> perfectly DTD compliant document) and a good identation =).

The specific problem with the <p> tags is that many people misunderstand
them, and many browsers appear to interpret <p> tags the way that people
expect them to work (i.e. put some space here) rather than the way they
should work.

For this reason, I recommend the paired form, since that is completely

Of course, I do use omit tags myself - I almost always omit </li> on short
lists, and </td> in tables.  Maybe we need a policy on this.  Maybe it
doesn't matter :-)


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