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Re: layout of web pages

>>"Nicolás" == Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@feedback.net.ar> writes:

 >> Personally, I think we should aim for properly paired <p>...</p> tags in
 >> pages we produce.  Mine do, mostly.

 Nicolás> There's absolutelly no reason for doing so. You aren't
 Nicolás> following the stamdard more closely with that.

	Oh yes, there is a reason. Using omittags to the fullest extent,
 one may indeed get rid of a lot of markup, but then as a human, I get
 confused (unless I happen to be very familair with the DTD). I, too,
 tend not to omit tags at all (after all, that is not a hardship for
 me, since I have an intelligent editor). It also makes the
 indentation prettier (and easier to scan) that way, for humans.


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