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Re: layout of web pages

--On Sun, Oct 11, 1998 6:59 pm +0200 "Jacob Sparre Andersen"
<sparre@cats.nbi.dk> wrote: 

> Philipp:
> | Summary: no end tag required but discouraged for additional 
> | white space (empty paragraph).
> The end tag is _not_ discouraged. It is not _necessary_. The extra space
> you get in Netscape when you have both start and end tags on P elements is
> due to a serious bug in that browser.

Exactly.  In fact, Netscape's handling of heading and paragraphs is
atrocious.  Maybe it inherited the foolishness from Mosaic - I can't
remember.  The point, anyway, is that <p> should be thought of as 'put space

Personally, I think we should aim for properly paired <p>...</p> tags in
pages we produce.  Mine do, mostly.

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