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Re: Translating the documentation outside the server

On Tue, Sep 29, 1998 at 04:25:28PM -0400, James A. Treacy wrote:
> Added debian-doc as this should be of interest to them.
> Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
> > 	Is there any mechanism to translate the documentation that does not
> > sit in the [webwml] CVS tree. For example, how could I get the sources of
> > www.HOWTO-translate and add the translation to the server without disrupting
> > the current status (maybe with a file www.HOWTO.translate.html.es ?)
> > 
> devel/HOWTO_translate.wml which I believe is the file you are referring to
> is under CVS. Are you talking about a different file?

	I'm talking about ANY documentation that can be accesed through the
Debian www pages.

> As to the question you raise, there is no general way. A good example would
> be 2.0/install.html which has been added to the web site by hand. All translations
> that I know of (that are in the correct format) have also been added.
> All Debian documentation should be available for translation. Currently you must
> track down the maintainer of each item you wish to translate to coordinate
> access to the source and manage naming of files. I mention naming of files because
> currently all the html outside of the web site has the .html extension. This
> means files have to be renamed if there are multiple files available.
> Jay Treacy
	So how would I upload it to the server, since it is not under the
CVS herarchy? Could *all* documentation currently in sgml have its html
counterparts CVS'd and included in the server CVS tree?

	I guess there could be a way to do this easily.

	In order for me to explain myself I give an example.
	I want to translate the FAQ (actually Enrique Zanardi has coordinate
the translation :) into spanish. And I see it is pointed by from the index
page at the Documentation Project to the directory FAQ. This makes it
available at www.debian.org/doc/FAQ. Now, there is no directory
/webml/english/doc/FAQ under the CVSROOT, what happened if I added the
translation in /webml/spanish/doc/FAQ and changed the name of sgml from 
debian-faq.sgml to debian-faq.sgml.es ?
	Would content-negotiation hold? Would it break the current scheme?

	I am not saying I am going to do this, its just theoritical :)



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