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Re: Translating the documentation outside the server

Added debian-doc as this should be of interest to them.

Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
> 	Is there any mechanism to translate the documentation that does not
> sit in the [webwml] CVS tree. For example, how could I get the sources of
> www.HOWTO-translate and add the translation to the server without disrupting
> the current status (maybe with a file www.HOWTO.translate.html.es ?)
devel/HOWTO_translate.wml which I believe is the file you are referring to
is under CVS. Are you talking about a different file?

As to the question you raise, there is no general way. A good example would
be 2.0/install.html which has been added to the web site by hand. All translations
that I know of (that are in the correct format) have also been added.

All Debian documentation should be available for translation. Currently you must
track down the maintainer of each item you wish to translate to coordinate
access to the source and manage naming of files. I mention naming of files because
currently all the html outside of the web site has the .html extension. This
means files have to be renamed if there are multiple files available.

Jay Treacy

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