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Re: how to choose the language?

On Fri, Sep 25, 1998 at 06:40:57PM -0500, D'jinnie wrote:
> For some reason I keep getting the French pages on the debian site lately
> and I've no idea how to reset it back to English. By what mechanism does
> the site determine which language I wish to see?

	The site determines the language through content-negotiation. Your
browser, upon accessing tells the server your preferred languages, the
server will send you the file according to it.
	Please note that if you are using proxies, since they only rely on
the name of the file, and on the modification time, may get you other
language different from preferred if they do the content-negotiation. You
should force the proxy to reload the page, in order to use you
content-negotiation preferences.
	Setting the preferred languages is easy. Go to the "How to set the
default document language", one of the last links in all the www pages at

> P.S. I've written a while ago about possibly doing a Russian translation.
> I have some time and would like to give it a try, but am not sure what
> documents to start with...
> thanks

	Read the www.translate-HOWTO in the Developer's Corner of
www.debian.org and feel free to ask :) Jay seems to be quite busy, but
anyone of us who has done translations of other languages might help you
figure it out.

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