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Spanish and Japnase WWW pages

	When I try to access the Spanish or Japanese through the link at the
end of the WWW pages, I do not see the HTML pages displayed but the source
code. I think this might be a problem with the server not explicitly saying
the Content-type is text/html.
	The browser, since this links go to the "file.html.xxx" file do not
recognize it as html files either (by MIME types).
	I have tried with different lynx browsers at different locations, I
am not sure this is a problem with www.debian.org, it might be the proxies
acting widly.

	I would like others to check if the same happens.

	Could files be renamed to : file.language.html? This way browsers
would not have conflicts if the server does not say the Content-type. I do
not know if much work would be needed (maybe just rename the first line of
the wml files?). It is just a thought.



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