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Re: Spanish www pages

> 	I have just checked the Spanish www pages (they are up but on a
> trial basis) but I was surprised to see that index.html.es does NOT have the
> navigation bar and menu bar!
Just to make sure there is no confusion, I checked the master copy of the pages
and they are correct. I happened to look at the version on www.debian.org
and they are not. I will update the mirror to www.debian.org so all should be
fixed soon.

A little background may help. www.debian.org is a mirror just like all the other
sites. The master copy of the web pages are on master (for historical reasons
it would be a bit of work to remove them from the main archive).

Also the wml source on master is simply checked out of the repository just
like everyone else. So once a day, the source is updated, it is compiled,
the other pages are updated, and then it gets mirrored. Nice and simple, eh?

Jay Treacy

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