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Re: Spanish WWW pages

> 	I have added some time ago the Spanish www pages to the repository,
> I have tried to have them as bug-free as possible but, if any problem
> occurs, please e-mail me. There are currently translated the root dir, the
> template and the following directories: 2.0, devel, doc, intro and logos. I
> hope this does not pose any problems.
Note that I added the missing directories to CVS and made some changes to
the Makefiles (mostly just adding a missing 'include ../Make.lang').
The pages are compiling perfectly now.

> 	I will upload the other directories as soon as the people in charge
> send them to me.
Great. Now if only I could remember more Spanish. Let's see, aren't there
two verbs for 'to be'...

Jay Treacy

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