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Re: Hungarian translation

	This questions are all answered in the www.HOWTO-Translate in the
developer's corner of www.debian.org. 
	Jay Treacy is the one you need to contact, if you are going to be
the Hungarian traslation coordinator.
	In order to convert from characters sets y use 'recode' a UNIX
utility that changes between character codes, for example: 'recode
latin1:html file' will change all character sets in latin1 to html.
	I guess it will have a table for latin2 characters but check with
it, there might be other utilities that do this also.



On Fri, Sep 18, 1998 at 10:24:40AM -0600, Tamas Papp wrote:
> I thought of doing a Hungarian translation (actually, I have index.wml
> done and I'm working on other pages as well). How can I upload the pages
> that are ready? Do I need an account/password or anything like that? If
> so, who could give me one?
> Are there pages that I should translate first? I guess that I'll work on
> "user-oriented" pages first because developers speak English anyway.
> I thought of doing the pages in latin-2, because that's the only character
> set that contains all the characters I need (\H{o} and \H{u} are not
> included in latin-1). How can I tell wml to use latin-2? I know that there
> is an include file for latin-1 conversion (e.g.\'a to á) but I
> don't know if I have to use conversion since HTML 4 can contain
> latin-1 characters. 
> Regards,
> jabberwock
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