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Hungarian translation

I thought of doing a Hungarian translation (actually, I have index.wml
done and I'm working on other pages as well). How can I upload the pages
that are ready? Do I need an account/password or anything like that? If
so, who could give me one?
Are there pages that I should translate first? I guess that I'll work on
"user-oriented" pages first because developers speak English anyway.
I thought of doing the pages in latin-2, because that's the only character
set that contains all the characters I need (\H{o} and \H{u} are not
included in latin-1). How can I tell wml to use latin-2? I know that there
is an include file for latin-1 conversion (e.g.\'a to á) but I
don't know if I have to use conversion since HTML 4 can contain
latin-1 characters. 



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