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Re: port pages

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Nils Lohner wrote:

> Jules/Webmasters, could you please create http://www.debian.org/ports/index.h
> tml?  Nothing complex for now, just an index page having links to all of the 
> individual port pages that looks somewhat like the standard style we've been 
> using.  I'd like to mention that page in a press release on Monday if 
> possible.

I am committing something into CVS as we speak. (As usual, expect a 48
hour delay before it hits the mirrors)

I am slightly nervous about using my own style (which is informal) on a
'serious' website like Debian's - comments are welcomed.

> Once the port pages are all done, can you add a link to 'Ports' under the 
> 'Developer's Corner' in the navbar on the main web page please?

I have not done this yet.  You may want to explore the site before making
a press release - since the sites are largely third-party, the styles are
inconsistent.  If you think this doesn't matter, go ahead.

This email is also Cc:ed to the authors of the port pages.  Note that I am
unsure of whether we have formally notified them that we're linking to
their sites, and it may be friendly to give them a chance to react before
posting their links...

Port-Page-Authors:  I'd like to see your pages moved to debian mirrors and
converted into the house style.  I need you to tell me a) how much of your
work I may use and b) How much you are prepared to/would like to help.

Other notes:

I have nothing on the MIPS port.  I have no idea what the 'java' port even
is!  And I suspect that the debian-hurd project doesn't belong on this
page anyway.

Comments, as always, welcome,

Jay: all these pages have your email address at the bottom, of course.  I
think we probably should create a debian-webmaster list to which you can
point the webmaster@ email address.


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