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Re: Is NPL DFSG complient or not?

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	However, a list of common popular licenses that have been
>  examined and are known to qualify would be a good thing, as long as
>  no claim is made about correctness or completeness which may open us
>  up to liability.

I've attached such a list.

Webmasters: Please consider adding it.



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Title: Debian GNU/Linux -- Commonly used Licences
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Other commonly used Licences

We are Software In The Public Interest, producers of the Debian GNU/Linux system. Here is the "social contract" we offer to the free software community. Included are the Debian Free Software Guidelines (abbrev. DFSG). This is an uncompleted list of other commonly used licenses and how we judge them.

Licenses that fit the DFSG

While we prefer to use the GPL, BSD license or the Artistic license this is a list of other licenses that we consider DFSG compliant. So packages that use either of these licenses may go into the main Debian distribution.
  • Netscape Public License (NPL)

    This license is meant to be DFSG compliant.

  • Mozilla Public License (MPL)

    This license is meant to be DFSG compliant.

  • MySQL Public License (MyPL)

    This is a placeholder since I (=Joey) think it's DFSG compliant.

Licenses that are DFSG not compliant

This is a list of licenses that do not fit the DFSG in certain points. Packages that are distributed under one of these licenses must go into non-free.
  • KDE Free Qt Foundation

    Some people think of this as a free license but it is not. It is a contract that ensures that current and future releases of Qt will be available for free software development at all times. If something serious happens it'll fall under the BSD copyright. Only in that case Qt is considered DFSG free and KDE would be, too.

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