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Re: Is NPL DFSG complient or not?

>>"Martin" == Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

 Martin> If the NPL is DFSG complient, which I think it is according
 Martin> to my memories, it should be listed in the DFSG/SC.

	Why? We certainly do not want to list every licence which is
 DFSG free as examples in the DFSG. I object to having to change the
 DFSG every time a new license appears on the scene.

 Martin> If the NPL is not DFSG complient, I believe, we should state why we
 Martin> don't consider it as DFSG complient.

	It is DFSG compliant. It just is not one of the examples. The
 examples are by no means considered to be an exhaustive and complete
 list (It oes nt say: these are the only licenses we feel are
 compliant, it just says here are some we feel are free). We should
 not change the DFSG for something this trivial.

 Martin> In either case, could the web-master team put this on their todo list
 Martin> please?

	I think there is no need for this.

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