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Re: Debian web pages - what needs to be done

Jules Bean wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Aug 1998 treacy@debian.org wrote:
> >    There should be pages specific to each port of Debian. There are
> >    some available which can be linked in for the short term. Ideally
> >    a framework will be created so that there is a similar look to each
> >    ports pages. Once the framework is done, a person involved with each
> >    port should take care of their section.
> I will work on this, unless someone else would rather do it.  Certainly,
> I'll contribute sparc content.
They are yours to maintain. I just added a directory for arm too.

> >    A few other people should recieve mail to webmaster. Maybe it should
> >    simply be forwarded to debian-www.
> Not -www, I don't think.  This list should be kept low bandwidth, so it
> has useful archives. 
> I'll add one myself -
add one what? If you create a new mail list, call it debian-webmaster
and make it open subscription.

> We should discuss the current Makefile system.  I'd be happier with a
> system which made wml into html in the CVS tree (we would .cvsignore the
> html files), and with a make install target to copy them out into a form
> suitable for mirroring.  Images should also be in CVS.  Subdirectories
> should be independent (containing their own makefiles).
I like the current scheme of keeping the .html separate as there is much less
clutter. Of course, I'll be much more amenable to change if someone else is
doing the work. :)

If someone knows how to have make only try to build a target if the source
exists, then I'd go for each subdir having its own Makefile. Under the
current system translators only need to edit the main Makefile. We want
to minimize the amount of work that translators need to do.

Jay Treacy

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