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Re: Fw: Design of Debian web site


Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra wrote:
>     Would you people shift this thread to debian-www?

I am sorry for starting this thread on the wrong list. I did not notice
that there is a www related list. So please send replies to debian-www.

Concerning the topic I think the most important thing about the Debian
www site is its content. Besides this it should be fast-loading and easy
to use with any browser.

But I also think that a good design is a nice thing AND possible without
loosing the above attributes. Good design does not necessarily mean
frames, tons of graphics or java animations.

Who is interested in what I think of might have a look at:

Although this is a pretty simple page compared to many other sites I
could even imagine a more simple page without tables.


For all on debian-www I inlude the original message:

> Hi!
> The last times I visited the Debian web site I had to realize that it
> is not very impressing concerning design and structure. Especially in
> design the sites of FreeBSD, The GNOME Project, KDE, Red Hat, etc.
> have a lot more to offer.
> Of course web page design is not the most important thing about Debian
> but as the web site is in most cases the first contact with Debian I
> consider it important to have a professional, serious looking
> appearance.
> Moreover I think the strucure could be improved. I think 16 items in
> the main menu are too many and most of them would fit in a top level
> category.
> To make it more clear what I mean: I think of home page with a
> navigation bar on the left and a text column on the right. The
> navigation bar should contain a maximum of about 6 top level
> categories like About, News, Support, Development... each with its
> second level categories. The text column could contain a brief
> description of what Debian is, the latest news article or other
> related stuff. And to make it perfect one could add a nice banner
> containing the logo and the text "Debian GNU/Linux".
> All other pages could contain a smaller version of the banner and a
> navigation bar on the top with only the top level categories. The
> whole thing could be colored in white / red / dark blue like the logo.
> What do you think about this? I would be happy to hear your opinions.
> If there is enough positive feedback I can create a rough prototype of
> what I think of.
> Bye,
> Thomas

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