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Re: Current status of content negotiation

> > > Hmmm - what have i to do in my apache configuration ?
> > >
> > As an example, this is what I have at home in my access.conf
> >    <Directory /home/treacy/public_html>
> >    Options Multiviews
> >    </Directory>
> That doesnt work - IMHO, because it doesnt follow the Symbolic-Links
> (for example to the List-Archive) ..
> I have now changed it to:
> <Directory /mnt/debian.org>
> Options Multiviews Indexes FollowSymLinks
> </Directory>
I should have written after i discovered this mistake.
I recommend using Options +Multiviews
This will add the Multiviews option without overriding any other
existing options. Without the '+', only the options given are set.
Sorry for the confusion.

- Jay

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