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Re: Current status of content negotiation

Georg Hitsch wrote:
> Hmmm - what have i to do in my apache configuration ?
As an example, this is what I have at home in my access.conf
   <Directory /home/treacy/public_html>
   Options Multiviews

Just change the directory to the one containing the web pages.
It might be necessary to do this seperately for debian.org-local .
I haven't checked the behavior of apache on this though.
It is my intention to internationalize some of the files there,
for example people.html .

I wish everything in life was this simple. Just make sure your
apache is fairly recent (1.3b5 is the latest. Ignore the beta part
as it works great).

> I have actually the following in it:
> AddLanguage en .en
> AddLanguage fr .fr
> AddLanguage de .de
> AddLanguage da .da
> AddLanguage el .el
> AddLanguage it .it
> LanguagePriority en fr de
This is what comes with the distribution. If we translate to
other languages they will have to be added, for example kr and jp.
We should have a discussion on whether mirrors in non-english
speaking countries should change the order in LanguagePriority.

My initial reaction is that we shouldn't as it will confuse newbies.
Feel free to try to change my mind if you have a good argument though.

For a Japanese of Korean out there:
What needs to be done to view other character sets properly? When I try
http://www.debian.or.jp/ I get jibberish.

> If you want, I can translate some pages to the German language.
> - My German is much better then my English 8-)
Someone is supposedly doing this already. I'll have to look through old
mail to find out their name though. Joey might know him.

Also, if anyone is doing a translation and finds mistakes or has ideas
for improvements please post them here immediately. Once the pages are
available in many languages making changes requires a lot more work.

- Jay

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