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Re: http Mirrors

> >  We should decide a standard path too.
> >  http://www.debian.org/files/debian/hamm/hamm/... ?
> Perhaps suggest it to the mirrors but not a make it a requirement.
> kernel.org already has debian for http but it is not like that, and some
> mirrors may want to use a server on an alternate port so as not to
> conflict with their existing web server.
> I would much rather have a large selection of mirrors that support
> http/1.1 (range header most vitally) then to have a smaller set because we
> were too restrictive.
> Deity will be using a mirror list so I don't think many people will mind
> if the mirrors are different..	(and dselect doesn't even support http)

 But if we have a consistent naming, automatically created links to any site
would work (like form the package browser). And... it's just a link...

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