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Re: content negotiation for language in web pages

On Fri, Jan 30, 1998 at 03:26:23PM -0500, James A.Treacy wrote:
> This does almost exactly what we want although I was hoping to avoid type-maps.
> One thing I'd prefer is if the server could be convinced to use the
> type-map even if foo.html exists. That way, all mirrors could use ftp or rsync
> to mirror the pages. Servers not using CN would simply serve foo.html (really
> foo.en.html) - exactly what we want. Users could still access the other pages
> by the links at the bottom.
> Mirroring the human written pages by wget is acceptable, but wget isn't very
> inefficient so it is not a good idea to use it on the rest of the archive
> (Packages, Lists-Archives and Bugs). Also, I don't like the idea of forcing
> anyone not using CN to mirror using wget.

	I see you don't like mirroring with HTTP. Allright.
	The only way around it I can see right now is to create a
	second tree for non-CN mirrors with links from .html ->
	.en.html. A tree full of symlinks. Yack.

	Umm. The question is now - is this good enough, or do we
	try to think of something even better? We haven't even
	included mod_rewrite yet;)

	Note that again, on the CN side, all would be swell with urls
	referencing just foo -- but then again it would break non-CN
	mirrors. This is getting ugly.
	I'll do some testing with .html.<lang>s tomorrow. Maybe something
	is possible..

> There are some people who feel content negotiation should be used for every
> page (I'm not sure why. Once CN has you using your preferred language, what
> difference does it make). I'd like their comments on this scheme (repeated below).

	Actually I'm indifferent about that, I just dislike urls
	containing the language. I actually do most of mine
	without the .html..

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