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Re: content negotiation for language in web pages

This does almost exactly what we want although I was hoping to avoid type-maps.
One thing I'd prefer is if the server could be convinced to use the
type-map even if foo.html exists. That way, all mirrors could use ftp or rsync
to mirror the pages. Servers not using CN would simply serve foo.html (really
foo.en.html) - exactly what we want. Users could still access the other pages
by the links at the bottom.

Mirroring the human written pages by wget is acceptable, but wget isn't very
inefficient so it is not a good idea to use it on the rest of the archive
(Packages, Lists-Archives and Bugs). Also, I don't like the idea of forcing
anyone not using CN to mirror using wget.

There are some people who feel content negotiation should be used for every
page (I'm not sure why. Once CN has you using your preferred language, what
difference does it make). I'd like their comments on this scheme (repeated below).

BTW, apache behaves strangely if foo.html exists under this arrangement. If it is
a file, it is served (as the doc says). If it is a link, you get '403 Forbidden'.
If CN is not turned on then the link works fine (as it should).

- Jay

> # foo.html.var
> URI: foo.en.html
> Content-type: text/html
> Content-language: en
> URI: foo.de.html
> Content-type: text/html
> Content-language: de
> # bar.html.var
> URI: bar.en.html
> Content-type: text/html
> Content-language: en
> URI: bar.de.html
> Content-type: text/html
> Content-language: de
> # bar.de.html
> <title>German</title><a href="foo.de.html">foo</a>
> <p><a href="bar.html">[auto]</a>[de]
> # bar.en.html
> <title>English</title><a href="foo.html">foo</a>
> <p>[auto]<a href="bar.de.html">[de]</a>
> # foo.de.html
> <title>German</title><a href="bar.de.html">bar</a>
> <p><a href="foo.html">[auto]</a>[de]
> # foo.en.html
> <title>English</title><a href="bar.html">bar</a>
> <p>[auto]<a href="foo.de.html">[de]</a>

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