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Re: www.debian.org down

On Fri, Dec 19, 1997 at 09:25:50AM -0500, James A.Treacy wrote:
> > Sheesh. Well, I can't really say I was timely. It was about 12 hrs since
> > Bruce sent the email. I just now had a chance to read the 300 odd
> > messages waiting for me at home. 1 Debian crisis, 4 ISP crisis'. Perfect
> > end to the day. Another 4 hrs and I'm heading to bed. This day is too
> > long already. Some folks have the root password on this box. If the
> > DNS needs to be changed before I can get to it, feel free to do it.
> > 
> Just wanted to let you know that there was no sarcasm intended on my part.

I didn't think there was any..

> 12hr response is fine. We managed to live for quite a bit longer than that
> with no ftp archive updates and bad web mirroring before this.

12 hrs in not fine with me. I'm real critical of my own service levels.
We need to develop a better scheme for the web stuff. Maybe round-robin DNS
so each server gets hit in turn. If 1 dies, it'll only be 1 bad hit.


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