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Re: logo and page layout.

> I once wrote a simple Perl script, that copies a HTML file from stdin to
> stdout and replaces all text between too marker lines (included in HTML
> comment tags) with the contents of some include file. Since the marker
> lines are not removed from the output HTML file, you can run this script
> over the same HTML pages over and over again and get some sections
> updated.
> I run this script over my web pages (i.e., the DDP home page) after I did
> some changes. As the output is static HTML pages again, this works with
> _any_ server and client. (It's the same procedure as if you start your
> editor and update the text yourself.)
> If you are intrested, I'll send you the script (it's really very easy).
During the changes I made sure that all the files use the same format
for most of the header. Now I can just use a short script using sed to do any
further changes. Send me your perl script anyway.

- Jay

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