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Re: logo and page layout.

As I mentioned before, I am planning on changing the layout. I just haven't
had time to work out the details. I really wish that there was a universally
accepted #include directive for web pages so I could put the header stuff
in a seperate file.

- Jay

> Jay and Co.,
> Regarding the logo layout in the web pages, would it be possible for us to
> make an image:
> 	Penguin on the LEFT. Two lines of text to the RIGHT of the Penguin:
> 	 the words "Debian GNU/Linux" on the first line.
> 	the italicized words "The Universal Operating System" on the second
> 	 line.
> I think this will work out better than the small text under the penguin
> and the large slogan to the right of the penguin. You should be able to
> make the text a lot bigger this way - the logo text is too small on all
> pages, and the logo looks kind of jagged where you've shrunk it.
> Also, would it be possible for us to do layout using tables as they do
> on RedHat's home page? That renders just fine in Lynx and gives a lot more
> control over layout in a graphical browser - it seems to give you most of
> the visual advantages of frames without the problems of frames.
> I don't know of any non-table-enabled browsers still in use.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce

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