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logo and page layout.

Jay and Co.,

Regarding the logo layout in the web pages, would it be possible for us to
make an image:

	Penguin on the LEFT. Two lines of text to the RIGHT of the Penguin:
	 the words "Debian GNU/Linux" on the first line.
	the italicized words "The Universal Operating System" on the second

I think this will work out better than the small text under the penguin
and the large slogan to the right of the penguin. You should be able to
make the text a lot bigger this way - the logo text is too small on all
pages, and the logo looks kind of jagged where you've shrunk it.

Also, would it be possible for us to do layout using tables as they do
on RedHat's home page? That renders just fine in Lynx and gives a lot more
control over layout in a graphical browser - it seems to give you most of
the visual advantages of frames without the problems of frames.
I don't know of any non-table-enabled browsers still in use.



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