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Re: proposed changes to Debian web pages

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Riku Saikkonen wrote:

Been watching this thread for a while now ... I feel now I may want to
step in and just give some input.  After being in web devlopment for last
4 or so years.

> Sue Campbell wrote:
> >As the webmaster, I probably should have stepped in earlier on this
> >discussion. As was stated earlier, this was discussed a while ago
> >and the majority asked for white. Just so there is no accusations
> >of bias, I'll mention that I find the pure white background distracting.

White on computer screens are hard on eyes, worse than white on black.
There are even medical eye studies to show that a softer color background
is better.  I perfer an Ivory or sandy color, easier on eyes and is color

> Hmm... I haven't followed the discussion much, but why do you need to
> specify a background at all? Shouldn't it be up to the _reader_ to configure
> his browser for his preferred colour set?

Colors are actually the last thing people think about wanting to change.
Here is the current order acording to CNET poll:

1) Disabling of java/javascript/activex
2) Turning off of images
3) Font settings
4) Colors, mainly for color blind and on pages that use horrid color
   settings (not present on debian web pages)

Pages that do not set a background are generaly designated (perhaps
unfairly) as being substandard and low quality

> On the WWW pages I write, I usually set colours only when there's a specific
> need for them (which is rare).

For a lot of technical information, this is perhaps useful and needed
maybe.  Commercial bassed web pages are like tv ads and print ads, they
have to be visually appealing in order to be effective.

> In any case, remember that if you specify one colour in <BODY>, you have to
> specify them all (BGCOLOR, TEXT, LINK, VLINK, ALINK). Otherwise people with
> non-default browser settings get suboptimal colours (e.g. if someone sets
> his browser's default colours to white-on-black, and you set BGCOLOR to
> white, the text ends up as white-on-white...).

Again, this depends on the background you set, light colors ones will most
likely work with the default colors that NS, IE, GNUScape, AOL .. and all
other graphics browsers have set.  Most people do not change the default
configurations.  Especially "Non-technical" users ... most household and
some coperate users fit in this field.

> (Side note: I noticed that the SGI Indy workstations at my university use
> grey90 as the default background colour for xterms and Emacsen. I suspect
> this is a default chosen by SGI, and probably not chosen lightly.)

Default color for NS and IE is grey, eye "pleasing" and not as blinding as


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