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Re: Translated docs

> And a second question. As more translated docs are going to appear in the
> future (the FAQ is almost finished), is there any policy about how to
> add them to the doc/ and 1.2/ directories on the web site?
Good question. Christion spent some time working on a structure for the
docs. Within a few days I will make a proposal for some modifications to
the structure of the web pages that may (if people accept the changes)
force some reevaluation of this. Not too much will be rewritten,
but many things will be moved to create a more logical structure.

An observation: the bulk of the web pages are quite static. They
realy aren't all that large either so it would not be difficult for a person
to translate them and simply serve the pages in different languages.
This would make the everything easier: all that needs to be done is
to mimic the current structure in another directory.
Let this next phase of reorganization go through before anyone
starts on this though.

- Sue

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