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Re: DebConf18 Gender Forum

It might be a good starting point to figure out what we might want to
talk about, in the context of this forum, regarding the extensive area
of "gender", and what are the goals that we want to pursue. Gender is
a very extensive concept that has broad effects in all the aspects of
our lifes: social, personal, identity, expressive, behavioral, etc.

I suppose that, because of the type of event and due to the context of
this thread, the idea might probably be to go a bit deeper into the
guidelines defined in the Diversity Statement, in particular regarding
the gender axis. That is indeed something that I would think as very
positive, but that it may be necessary to elaborate the idea a bit
more, to be able to give it a narrative thread. It might also be, on
the other hand, that we might want to talk about how to use the
current existing diversity (and in particular the gender diversity) to
help improve the developing processes, the teams or the results.

The analysis of the reasons that might explain why there is still a
gap between men and women in the development of technology and free
software is undoubtedly within the scope of gender, and it is usually
the main focus when we talk about gender in Free Software. In addition
to this, there is the analysis of stereotypes and reference behaviors
associated with gender, and explicitly talking about that that would
allow some debating about new masculinities, new femininities and
androgyny. It is obvious that the issue of gender identity is also
over the table, as well as gender expression (clothing, accessories,
care and external appearance), etc. All this factors have a certain
importance within the internal and external relationships both between
working groups and when talking about Debian as a whole.

Therefore, before starting to prepare a list of questions, it might be
a good idea to outline a small non-exhaustive list of elements that
might be used to create some scaffolding and, therefore, can make it
easier than other people contribute ideas, questions and suggestions.


2018-04-05 3:02 GMT+02:00 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson <jidanni@jidanni.org>:
> OK I eliminated all the questions.
> Please help me write proper questions.

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