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Re: DebConf18 Gender Forum


  I can’t edit the wiki so I will reply here.

  To be blunt, I suspect people have not answered because the Questions
section at https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf18/OpenDay/Gender
consists nearly exclusively of transphobic questions that immediately
make the page hostile and turn people away from that «diversity forum».

  You [the person who started the email thread is the editor of the wiki
page] may be genuinely ignorant and curious about transgender people,
womanhood and related issues, in which case using that page to inquire
with these questions has an effect opposite to your goal; or you may be
disingenuously trolling readers and setting up a hostile environment on

  I’m not a native speaker, the phrasing and contents of the questions
pushes me to the latter interpretation.

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