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Re: [Debconf-video] Videos of MiniDebConf Bucharest 2015 (Debian Women)

Hi Amey

El 26/10/15 a las 06:40, Amey Abhyankar escribió:

> Thanks Laura!
> Your efforts are much appreciated.
> Just for info:- I am promoting recordings of  'MiniDebConf Bucharest
> 2015 (Debian Women)' at social media inc LinkedIn,Facebook,Twitter &
> specially in Indian region.
> You may expect hits to your web-site from India ^_^
> As per my interest & skill sets, I do marketing & promotion of Debian
> in India. :-)
> Thanks & Regards,
> Amey.

Thanks, but the recordings are not ready yet.
Any person watching the videos will have much better experience watching
them once they are transcoded...
I would retain the promotion until the videos are in videos.debian.net
(that will mean that this work is finished, the quality is better, they
are in a free format (webm)...). And probably we should add a header
with the MiniDebConf logo, title of talk and speaker, and sponsors, if

Best regards

Laura Arjona

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