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Re: Concern about racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 09:50:12AM +0000, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> Hi to All,

>  > [1] <http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/persistent/images/8/82/OfficialPoster_090.jpg>
>  > [2] <http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/persistent/images/6/65/OfficialPoster_081.jpg>

> I see one woman, and ~15 anymals, no men at all.

> How can this be interpreted as "privileging a male gaze position."?

The phrase "male gaze" refers to content rendered from the *point of view*
of the (implicitly heterosexual) male.  So images of women instead of men is
consistent with this idea, on the grounds that men would rather look at
("sexy") images of women than at images of men.

I won't comment on the content itself.  Interpreting any particular image as
"privileging the male gaze" is subjective.

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