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Re: blogging @ debian dev

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 3:12 AM, Juliana Leal wrote:

> I'm one of the students participating in this year's Google Summer of Code,
> I'll be working on the Debian WebRTC portal under Daniel Pocock's
> mentorship.

Congrats and thanks for your work!

> Daniel suggested I start a blog documenting what I'm doing. I was wondering
> if anyone has any suggestions with regards to how I should set it up, if I
> should use a CMS (and if so, which is a good option), suggestions on where I
> should host it and also if there's anything you'd like to see posted.

I would suggest using a static site generator:

You can work in whatever format you prefer, as long as there is a
plugin for it (markdown is usually the default).

You can host it in many places since it is just static HTML that you
build on your computer and upload to the server.

You can easily move off whatever host you use since there is a git
repo on your computer.

The two that I would recommend:

ikiwiki: I use it and many other Debian folks do to. The canonical
site for paid ikiwiki hosting is Branchable, it is by the author of


Jekyll: The canonical site for Jekyll hosting is github pages, this is
gratis for public repositories.




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