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"Safe" teams (?)


In contributors.debian.org I've implemented a list of contributions
grouped by team[1], with the intent, among other things, to create a
shopping list of teams one may want to consider joining, when trying to
get more involved in Debian.

At the mini-debconf in Barcelona, when the discussion was about
mentoring, I was thinking that mentorees can just be invited to join
teams which are well-known for being safe to dive into, possibly with
the discreet handholding of an experienced contributor[2].

That made me wonder if you (as d-w group) already know of teams that are
known to be "better" or "safer" than others wrt gender issues. I'm not
interested in knowing the contents of such a list, though I think it
would be a good resource to the project if such a list existed, or if
such a track record was kept. Both so that there are places to
recommend when asked, and so that we know where there are still issues
to be addressed.

[1] https://contributors.debian.org/contributors/sources/flat
[2] In another community, I got a welcome message that had a passage
    somewhat like this:

      «If you ever need anything or if you are just lost about
      something, you can send an email to <group email>.

      If there's anything ~I~ can do for you to help you get started
      here, please let me know.»



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