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Re: FYI: debian-legal is discussing the inclusion in the Debian archive of "erotic" interactive fiction depicting the sexual abuse of children

Sam Kuper dijo [Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 08:56:18PM +0000]:
> That's because there's a big difference between:
> (A) 'Deciding to not include a copy of some "literary discussion" in a
> GNU/Linux distribution' (this can be fair enough, as I said earlier);
> and
> (b) deciding 'legal and literary discussions of abuse are completely
> excluded from Debian' (which would prevent Debian from ever
> distributing some valued works of the Western cultural canon, not on
> the basis of their being software or not, but on the basis of their
> literary content - a form of censorship).
> Like you, I'm in favour (A), applied sensibly; and I'm not in favour of (B).

Please note that deciding whether to include a given piece of work in
Debian or not *cannot constitute censorship*. In case we don't
distribute a work that's in some way questionable or endangering to
the project's mission and continuity, we would in no way be banning it
from reaching the public at large, only making it a bit harder to get
it quickly installable/deinstallable.

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