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Re: Hello, I am new member

Hi Silvia!
Sorry to reply so late!
Thanks Daniel and Miry for reminding it!

El 10/03/14 22:15, Daniel Pocock escribió:
> On 09/03/14 17:01, Silvia Pérez wrote:
>> Hello
>> My name is Silvia, I'm new on the list
>> I have a lot of illusion and desire to participate in this group of people
>> to contribute to a network and world 100% free
>> I don't know where to begin to cooperate, could you guide me?
> Hi Silvia,
> Did you receive any answer?
> Are you going to the mini-DebConf in Barcelona?

I see that you're registered for mini-Debconf, see you there!
I'm not sure from your mail if you want to help in the Debian-Women
group or in Debian in general.

About Debian-Women, I think right now we're all in some way or another
involved in the Debian MiniDebConf, this weekend we'll have a plenary in
Sunday at the Debconf and we'll talk about the group Debian Women.
If you want to join the conversation, you can come whenever you want to
the IRC channels
#debian-bcn2014 at irc.debian.org
#debian-women at irc.debian.org

About contributing to Debian, I think the best thing is to join a team,
in the area you like best, then say hello in their mailing list, and
maybe try to find a small task to begin with.

Here you are the teams:

And some more ideas for people starting in the Debian community


Laura Arjona

> Regards,
> Daniel

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