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DW session at Mini-Debconf Barcelona

Hello everybody!

As you might have noticed, Debian Women is holding a Mini-Debconf in
Barcelona on March 15th and 16th 2014 ;-)

There is a slot in the schedule reserved for a Debian Women plenary
session (or assembly, which word would be more appropriated?) and
we need to define the agenda of this meeting.

Some points that could be discussed:

- The experience of holding a Mini-Debconf: ups, downs and some numbers
- Do we want to do it again? Where?
- Plans for DC14 in Portland (bring your ideas!)
- Others DW actions: what have we been doing? could we make it better?

More ideas?

Please jump in the conversation and tell us what do you want to be discussed!

Originally we would have a regular 45 min slot for this session, but
it can still be changed depending on the size of the agenda.

Remote participation is also encouraged. The conference will have video
streaming and everyone is welcome to participate via IRC. There will be
someone in the room forwarding IRC comments and questions.

Miriam is going to lead the discussion, but she would be happy to have
another person to share the task with. So please speak up if you'd like to
join her ;-)

Thanks and see you in Barcelona!


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